If you are a small to medium sized company and you don't have the manpower or time to promote yourself, then I can help you.  I can work for you or with you. 

I can do all the work or I can set it up for you and you can maintain it.  The choice is yours. Please see the Services Section for more information.  
Welcome to Brigitte Sterf Esposito 

  • Native German  
  • Employed at SCHOTT North America, Inc.
  • Resident in MA, USA
  • Marketing Services as a side business 
  • Providing Services to smaller sized companies mainly in Central Massachusetts and the Northeast.  
Key Note
Being a professional, it is very important to show modern capabilities like having their own website. It is very important for me to show my professional image.
You need "HELP" getting noticed? I have the perfect solution for you.
Let me show you the power of communication! 
Marketing Specialist
Employed at SCHOTT North America, Inc. 
Marketing Communication Services as a side business
General Information
English and German
Sprachen: Englisch und Deutsch
The world is full of opportunities, never let an opportunity slip by, but if you do, don't regret your decision.
Quote of the Month:
John Wooden: "You cannot live a perfect day without doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you."
Brigitte Sterf Esposito, E-Mail: info@brigittesterf.com,Tel.: 413-433-0091
Brigitte Sterf 
Marketing Communication Services