Welcome to Brigitte Sterf 
(formerly Esposito) 
For 20 years, I enjoy working as a professional in a German Multi-National Company within the U.S. and I am looking forward every day to tackle new challenges. By utilizing my professional knowledge and experience, I can help the company to maintain and grow customer base and channels. Employed at SCHOTT North America, Inc. since 1996, I learned to develop and coordinate marketing communication for the Lighting and Imaging Business Unit to achieve the strategic sales goals. 

Some of my specialties and strengths include:
- Employed at SCHOTT North America, Inc. since 1996
- International and domestic Marketing communication skills
- More than 10 years of B2B Marketing communication experience
- Germany and USA working experience with strong intercultural competence
- Able to implement marketing projects with very little supervision
- Able to work independently and/or in teams
- Self-motivated, result oriented team player.
- Flexible and able to adapt to changing circumstances 
- Expert in tradeshow and event planning 
- Strong believer in maintaining good agency and partner relationships.
- Skilled in lead generation and campaign activities. 
- Experienced in proper brand and co-brand management 

Each day is an opportunity.

Challenge yourself. 
Do one thing that scares you 
once per week. 

Marketing Manager
Employed at SCHOTT North America, Inc. 

General Information
English and German
Sprachen: Englisch und Deutsch
The world is full of opportunities, never let an opportunity slip by, but if you do, don't regret your decision.
​Challenge yourself. Do one thing that scares you once per week. 
Brigitte Sterf Esposito, E-Mail: info@brigittesterf.com,
Brigitte Sterf